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About New Wave Brewery

Experiencing no shortage of trials and tribulations, our humble beginnings have taken us to producing some of the best craft beer in the world. Our tireless work ethic and attention to detail is everything to us. New Wave Brewery beers are not intended for your average college party — unless it was the best party ever! We are fueled by the higher calling to produce the best beer folks have ever tasted. Our biggest advocates tend to be patrons with refined tastes, well-tuned palates seeking a great experience, conversational starter to share and brag to others about. When you drink our perfections, you won’t want to chug and race to end it. You will taste and experience the continuous pursuit of perfection.


We hope you enjoy it. 



At New Wave Brewery, The Beer is Fucking Delicious is our mantra for reminding ourselves why we are doing this. This is our north star that keeps us focused and motivated at all times. If The Beer is Fucking Delicious, we are heading the right direction. If it's not, then we all sit down and have a good cry before burning the place to the ground and starting all over. 

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