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New Wave Brewery

Beer for the Beer Snob.  

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Made by Beer Snobs for Beer Snobs


Blister in The Sun

Our tasty Heifenweisen, quite sweet and fruity, low hop, with a full body. We love this in the summer or during a break at the ski slopes, next to a fire. 


Award Winner

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Our Award-Winning and flagship beer. This Belgian Triple took a lot of determination and fine tweaking to get just right.. Hands down, one of our most popular beers.



Up All Night

A rich frothy coffee stout that is sure to keep you enjoying your day or evening. Made with Dunkin’ Donuts coffee for that great roasted coffee flavor and a little extra buzz.

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Work of Art.

Enjoy Your Day with a Cold Brew 

Love, New Wave Brewery

The Brewery's Tale

Since our founding, we aimed New Wave Brewery to carve out a special niche in the home brewing world — focused on high-quality cloning and innovations. Paired with our brand ethos deeply rooted in 80's culture and New Wave music, our brewery was and is built upon passion, ambition and creativity. 

Originally built in a three-car garage, New Wave Brewery began innocently enough through the dream of two brothers-in-law attempting to up-level other craft brew. Their passionate search for quality ingredients and new recipes led them to winning awards and founding New Wave Brewery.


The rest is history. 


Perfection is the Benchmark

We adhere to rigorous quality standards, operational practices and use the finest ingredients in the industry. At New Wave Brewery, we aim to be an icon of excellence by using the finest, raw materials — oats, hops, barley malt, filtered water, and other natural ingredients. As neat freaks, we ensure our equipment is spotless and operated efficiently in our continuing commitment to perfection beyond just taste. 

Savor. Experience. Sip. Enjoy. 

Beer Worth Bragging About.

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